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Technical consulting and design of extruded aluminium profiles

Think aluminium

The possible applications of extruded aluminium components are so far reaching that aluminium's use is limited only by the designer's imagination. With a partner by your side as enthusiastic, competent and knowledgeable as Pandolfo Alluminio, there is a solution to your every need.

Our technical staff attend regular training and refresher programmes to keep up to speed on the latest aspects of aluminium technology, production, regulatory issues and the application of aluminium in all fields. Ultimately, we pass this know-how on to customers to help design technically advanced and competitive extruded aluminium components.

We design effective extruded aluminium components for your applications

Our mission is to give your ideas tangible form in the shape of finished aluminium products. Whatever area of business you are in - mechanical or electrical engineering, transport or furniture - we work with you on your project so that it benefits fully from all the great qualities aluminium has to offer.


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