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Aluminium for the transport and automotive industries

Always on the move

The key quality aluminium is most famous for is its weight to strength ratio. This, combined with its durability, has led to aluminium being used extensively throughout the transport industry.

The growing need to reduce energy consumption while increasing vehicle load capacities has prompted the adoption of aluminium profiles in transport applications, on both rolling stock and road vehicles, including cars and commercial vehicles, in addition to ships and planes.

A great amount of international research points to aluminium making a positive contribution to the transport industry and bringing improvements that benefit society:

- reduced vehicle weight with a resulting reduction in consumption and pollutant emissions;

- increased safety for people due to the creation of crash protection systems designed to absorb and dissipate energy in the event of impact;

- greater potential for reuse of vehicle components, resulting in positive effects on the environment.

Technologically cutting-edge plants, continuous monitoring systems, specific staff training and particularly strict quality procedures mean Pandolfo Alluminio can meet even the most demanding expectations of customers working in this specific market segment.


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