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Aluminium profiles for photovoltaic panels

The sun's energy

Our experience in aluminium extrusion technology means the resulting solar panels are more stable, which ultimately results in a considerable improvement in energy efficiency. The frames, racking systems, supports, connectors and other fixing accessories we produce in aluminium offer numerous advantages over their counterparts made from other materials::
aluminium racking systems are just about as strong as similar solutions in steel, providing the stability needed to withstand wind loads;
frames and supports made from aluminium extrusions are lighter than those made from other metals, making them easier to transport and mount, no matter how awkward the installation;
• aluminium's renowned corrosion resistance ensures the system has a longer service life;
• the malleable nature of this material allows a certain amount of flexibility when it comes to designing all the aluminium parts, which can then be connected in the most imaginative ways, requiring less parts and accessories.

Aluminium extrusion and solar panel energy

Aluminium's light weight teamed with its virtually infinite flexibility in terms of shape mean it lends itself to a whole host of different uses in the renewable energy field. Pandolfo Alluminio is proud to put its 40-plus years of experience into advancing the cause of this innovative sector, which is helping build a sustainable future for our planet.


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